All About Me

My Brown Paper Packages is a reflection of my favourite things in life. I share simple ways to create an inspired, beautiful and happy lifestyle.

As a mother to 2 beautiful girls I am lucky enough to have my days filled with giggles, sticky craft glue and cupcake decorations. I love this and will share great activities we come up with, exciting places we go and occasionally my take on parenting.

My Favourite Things is where I want to share awesome things I buy, things on my wishlist and things that are just cool. This could be anything from books, cafes, music, shops, blogs I read and other bits and bobs.

Travel is a passion of mine and since the age of 14 I have given up a lot to pursue this. I believe that people get lazy and forget to explore their hometown. I want to inspire you with tales of travel in my Backyard & Beyond.

I like making stuff. It’s fun, sometimes thrifty and it means I get exactly what I want. Things don’t always turn out as planned but that’s ok, Handmade stuff is unique and full of love.

Every house should be somebody’s home. I share my ideas on decorating, cleaning, and organising that I have used around My Home.

I might not be the next Nigella, Donna Hay or Julia Child and most nights it’s a chore to cook dinner but I do like to dabble in the kitchen. Thankfully, my husband’s cooking skills go beyond the bbq, and together we have produced some amazing meals. Really, we love food and I want to share with you all the amazing things I have tasted and want to eat On My Plate, both homemade and not so homemade.

The rest is simply Random Ramblings – voicing my opinion on any matter of things and that’s my prerogative.

I believe it is important to keep learning. I am writing to share, inspire and encourage others to learn and to make their lives happier and more beautiful. I am here to chat, swap stories, and learn from each other so please comment. And if you love what you see please share it, like itpin ittweet it and spread the love. And while I realise that the internet loosens any control of ownership I request that you give credit where credit is due.

In case you don’t want to miss where I went for coffee, what cute thing my daughter said, where my next trip is or other ramblings – follow me.

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